Picking up my camera again. | Rebecca Lewis, portrait photographer, Campbell, New York

The light is shining beautifully in my new studio space which made me feel like taking some photos of these beautiful lilacs freshly picked at my parents home.
I have hardly worked in the studio. Truthfully, today is the first day I have felt like picking up my camera since January and I am amazed at how heavy it feels.
Everything got put on hold for a while.  My mother fought cancer for two years and took a turn for the worse in February. After a CT scan, she was diagnosed with a large, aggressive brain tumor. 
Her decision was to stop all treatment.
The time spent caring for her along side my father, and with the help from my sister, was not long. Actually it was only about 3 weeks. She passed away in March. 
Since then, I have been slowly getting back to my regular routine. I am still tired. I don't feel like doing much of anything, but I know that with time this will pass. Each day is looking brighter.   

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