The iPhone Portrait Project | Rebecca Lewis, Photographer Campbell, New York

I have been adding personal projects to my list of studio work recently. I believe that they lead to bigger ideas and spark greater creativity. This project (while the idea is not new to the world of photography) was to stay away from my Canon and force myself to use only my iPhone 7 Plus and the apps that I have purchased over time for a photo shoot.

I am sometimes guilty of thinking better toys and a newer camera would make work easier and more productive, however, the tools I have at hand daily are pretty amazing. It was exciting to try something new. Included below are images from the session. We are fortunate to live in the Finger Lakes Region so we took advantage of this opportunity to head out to Seneca Lake for the day. 

- Images all taken on iPhone 7 Plus. 
- Edited with iPhone apps VSCO, Snapseed, MOLDIV
- A huge thank you to my model, Sarah. 
- Video was created by Rolf Lewis

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Session - Behind the scenes

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