Dreams, Goals, and Portrait Masters

For as long as I can remember, I have been a dreamer and a goal setter. I make lists, each one contains the steps needed to move closer to what I want to achieve. Whenever a task has been completed I cross it off which places me one step closer to what the final goal will be. 
The decision to finally set my dreams into motion and set my goals of becoming a portrait photographer happened while standing in my yard one snowy day during the month of  February of 2011. Standing outside looking up into the sky I declared I would put that dream into action and started setting my goals.

Here I am, it is nearing the end of 2017, and I have been operating my portrait studio just as I had declared and I am still setting goals. Recently, I took the leap and have rented some space on Market Street in Corning, New York. My next goal is to renovate space at another location and utilize both of them. 
Another, more personal goal, has been to submit my work to portrait competitions. Everyday I strive to step up my game, create beautiful images, and improve upon my work so you will always have the most beautiful photos from your studio experience. 
Then I learned of the perfect opportunity to make the commitment. The requirement of course was to put my work in front of my peers to have them critique it and judge it.


Intimidating, yes, but my heart kept telling me I must do it. How would I ever grow and improve if I do not do the work of what is scary? So excitedly I selected three images and sent them on their way.

Here are the three images I submitted:
I've known for a couple of weeks but waited until now to share the news with you. I'd like to announce that I received 
Bronze Merit in the Contemporary Portrait Category at the Portrait Masters Awards with the image below.

Of course, this award could not have been achieved without the amazing work of my makeup artist and model, Martha Mehegan. It is the first step in my new journey and goal to becoming an Accredited Portrait Master. I am absolutely over the moon with this honor and I could never have done it without any of you.